Irregular Review: 2020 Plans

Welcome to our Irregular review where we review our major changes to the sources (they are a meme).

Changes from Dec 13th:
– We have the Wifi Assistant which was exclusive to Pixels and Nexus
Check here –

– We have added Google Device Health Services
Actually its available on play store, but your settings app never uses them until the settings app is tweaked. We made this to work now, thanks to Dyneteve as always.

Wen Ten Plus sar?

Again talking about this? Yes… Yet, nothing much to change regarding about the previous post, just a confirmation of a ETA for Ten Plus Edition. January is going to be it, and that’s just it. Again we aren’t going to give much more details about what’s coming with it

Device Roaster Changes:

Nothing sadly :<

But what about my device sir, will you build?

Yet, ONCE AGAIN, there’s absolutely nothing that we can do if no one of the maintainers team or head team has the device.
For those asking why your device isn’t added yet or have been dropped and never returned/got another maintainer after sometime, it’s cause of simple lack of interest of people in applying for it or the person/people who applied after hasn’t/haven’t been approved for such thing.
“Oh can we donated the device for some of the team?”, yes, but it’s up to you to actually do it, and yet it stills a chance of receiving a “NO” as answer for the person.
P.S: We aren’t requesting or forcing anyone to donate a device (whatever is it) unit, we are just saying one of the 3 possible things that can be done in that case.
As usual maintainship applications, for all devices not supported or no longer supported, are open all long the year.


So, thats the end of the review, wait, no. There something more!

Delta Updates

Maybe the biggest plan for 2020 yet, the Delta updates for OTA are coming also for next month.

“Why does it matter that much?”

Unlikely the nowadays OTA service, the Delta updates just give the update as per the changes applied only, and not the entire ROM package, which means more effective download speed and small data size for download, and you dont need to download that 2GB zip to update, just flash our 100MB delta n chill.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

José Henrique

José Henrique

PixelExperience founder