January Review: Delta Updates

We’re presenting PixelExperince Builds with Jan Security Patch for all of our supported devices. We have started issuing deltas along with your official builds since its prime time! Check out the size that each delta update offers, and boast of them at your other rom friends.

Any features sar?

We added a bunch of stuff from Pixel 4, on the due course of December, and recently, we have enabled Google System Updates, small updates for the apex image. This feature needs proper device support and don’t expect all devices to come with it. Nothing more changes.

Sar, you missed Ten Plus :/

We are still working on it, hold your horses till Feb 2020. You will get your Plus builds shipped soon™

We have also reworked the maintainer CoC, which shouldn’t bother you.

If you run into any issues, as always we recommend you visit our telegram group, grabbing the logs and reporting us.

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José Henrique

José Henrique

PixelExperience founder