Android 11 Wen?

Huh? Seriously? Our device doesnt yet have stable 10.

Well, we are happy to announce that we have started work on the next iteration of Android, and this time, we have started work right when they are in the developer preview.

We will be gearing up to release Developer Previews sooner. Developer Previews have been confirmed to be rolling out for the following devices:

  • beryllium
  • cepheus
  • davinci
  • dipper
  • jasmine_sprout
  • lavender
  • mido
  • potter
  • raphael
  • sanders
  • tissot
  • vince
  • violet
  • whyred

All our new android 11 builds will recommended a clean flash when you are coming from any rom, including PE 10.

You can also do a format data, just to be sure our rom works.

Seriously, April 1?

The only question that remained was when to launch the new service? This is faster than any other OEM(OEM’s get hands on the source code faster). At the same time, we’re geeks at heart, so we decided we should launch it right on the date April 1, (11-11), you know, you won’t wanna wait until 11th April for this huge announcement. Never mind that it was on Easter and during Passover. Never mind that it was April Fools Day — a day where tech companies often trot out fictional services they think are cute while the media and the rest of the non-tech world collectively roll their eyes.

Be Happy! We are with Android 11.


José Henrique

José Henrique

PixelExperience founder