April Review: We indeed work from home

How are you guys spending time in your lockdown? As far as we are concerned, we went and worked more towards getting PE as your best ROM.

As usual, you would be receiving deltas if you are on a March build of official PE. You can be sure we wont be using up all your data to download our update if you are already on PE.

Lets gear up and see what you have in-store for this update:

  • April Patch, well, thats expected, nothing new.
  • We added long screenshot. And it’s better than our Pie version.
  • We have a screen recorder, and it’s like iOS, just a QS Tile, easy.
  • We added face unlock, ported from Motorola.
  • We added options on Plus edition to improve navigation gestures experience.
  • Android Auto would work fine on PE after April Patch.

We don’t know when your maintainer would be hitting the release button, so avoid asking us “wen updoot sar?”.
All we know is, April update would come to every official device unless the maintainer wants an exception to it.

If you run into any issues, as always we recommend you visit our telegram group, grabbing the logs and reporting us.

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José Henrique

José Henrique

PixelExperience founder