July Update: Android 11? Not Yet

Yet another month of updates, yet another month indoors.

And here we are again, yet another month of releases, and as usual some fixes and the Security Patch of the month are right here.

And as you may have already read from our Twitter and Telegram Channel, we will start making space for further Android 11 builds. But hold your horses! We don’t have any devices confirmed to the Android 11 upstream yet, neither if any new devices will come after the Android 11 works have been started.

For now just be sure of one thing: All devices that received Android 10 builds and Pie builds will have all the latter ones deleted soon, so if you’re an Android Pie fan, do a backup of the builds ASAP. Devices that so far just received Android Pie builds, but not a single Android 10 build will be there for some more time yet.

As usual here’s the changelog of this month:

  • July security patch
  • Fixed issues on LiveDisplay (Plus only)
  • Added per app network isolation (Plus only)
  • Other fixes

And of course, all the translations from our crowdin too! Big kudos once again to those helping to localise PixelExperience.

If you run into any issues, as always we recommend you visit our telegram group, grabbing the logs and reporting us.

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José Henrique

José Henrique

PixelExperience founder