August Review: Late Update Apology

Apology for late update bros

We are unusually late to come for the Monthly Patch release, I can explain what happened on our end.
It was not an alien invasion, it was not a zombie apocalypse, no, we didn’t get blasted by an airdropped bomb either.

So what happened?
We were upgrading our infrastructure, for faster building, and some other improvements.

Did that take like 15 days?
Actually more, we have been working on this for nearly 25 days now.

And now you are gonna say, changelog is just August Patch to me?
We added extended volume panel (only on plus)
Wait, there’s more, we are introducing deltas for A/B and all dynamic partition devices.
OTA app has some improvements too!

We are also permitting testing builds to be pushed as OTA, to help maintainers debug with your OTA issues. This doesn’t mean you get to access test builds, only maintainers can, as always. This just makes our maintainers debugging your OTA flashing issues a lot easier.

OTA/Delta is expected to work across all devices/recoveries from now on.
We also forked LOS recovery, redesigned it to match our design rules and ship PixelExperience Recovery, for devices that don’t have a working TWRP.

Hey, we now have a wiki page,
You can find out how to install PE for your device easily from the wiki. Some devices are still being added to the wiki, that depends on your device maintainer, so don’t worry if you get 404 when entering into your device page.

So, where is my august update?

Hold your horses, it will come in august, unless the maintainer wants an exception, but we don’t know when it would.

We are planning ahead for Android 11, so drop in your ideas, for what can be changed on our ROM/Infra, no feature requests please!

If you run into any issues, as always we recommend you visit our telegram group, grabbing the logs and reporting us.

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José Henrique

José Henrique

PixelExperience founder