November Review II: Android 11

Hey, Hey, Hey, PE 11 is out!

We are working hard to port all the features of Pixel to this iteration of Android. It has now reached a good stability state, feature parity with a pixel is expected within the next few weeks. The sources are out on our GitHub for aspiring maintainers to get their hands dirty!

Initially, the rollout will begin only for devices that are ready, and the rest of the devices will be added on as and when they are ready. Please don’t spam us if your device doesn’t have a build. It just means it is not ready yet.

As always, official builds are signed with our own private keys.

How to flash Pixel Experience 11 from 10?

  1. Make a backup of your important data!
  2. Download the build from the downloads page. OTA won’t work.
  3. Make sure your recovery and firmware are up to date
  4. Wipe as usual as you would for a clean flash.
    System/Data/Cache or whatever is applicable for your device. Depending of the situation you may be encountered in, a format data might be required.
  5. Now flash PE and boot.
  6. Wait for around 10mins, as it’s the 1st boot, it would take a while.

Deltas aren’t yet supported on PE 11. They (may/may not) return at a later date.

You may also be aware that Plus Edition Builds are coming up only next year (so don’t ask about it in our chats), and also be aware that TWRP decryption isn’t working on Android 11, that scenario isn’t only happening with us.

Be aware that formatting data on TWRP before flashing a Android 11 ROM will led to encryption not working at all.

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José Henrique

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