March Update: Plus Edition is here!

Plus edition, face unlock, and much more ????

First things first, your most awaited and asked for feature, face unlock is here!
Its better than before. Wanna know how? You can unlock your handy-dandy apps with just you looking onto them.
Its open source too, unlike the previous one! You know where to look for it!
Beware! Someone else looking similar to you (like a twin) may still be able to unlock ????

What else is there for us?

– Builds are no more BETA (yaaay!)
– March Security Patch
– NTFS/EXFAT Support for your sd cards.
– Improved unlocking animations
– Add support for Bluetooth SBC Dual Channel
– Ability to select a different ringtone for second sim

Kudos to everyone who helps getting PE more localized, if you do wish to do here is your chance to contribute:

There was a mention of Plus somewhere on title I guess?

Yes, Plus edition should be rolling out soon with the next update. If its not, don’t ask us why, ask your maintainer.

Features? Can I get (add random feature here)?

We intend to keep it pretty similar to PE+ 10. There might be slight changes here and there, but don’t expect any drastic feature drops to come in.

Flashing new builds

PE 11 shouldn’t require a clean flash and an OTA should be capable to get you up and running, unless the maintainer explicitly mentions you to do a clean flash.

PE+ 11 will need a clean flash since its the first ever build. Subsequent builds will not need you to do a clean flash.

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