Mid April Update: New Issue Tracker!

Ever since the start of our journey we have seen people report issue , which sometimes never reaches the device maintainer. Most of the times the issue don’t have necessary logs, or steps to reproduce the bug.

To make this process smoother and easier for everyone we had an idea. With the help of GitHub issue we can store all your issue at one place and get them reported to the maintainers on time!

1. The link below tells you about how to submit a valid and correct bug report.


2. Head on to the link below to get started with creating the issue.


The issue handler looks something like this
  • Please note that invalid issue will be automatically closed, so please follow the correct format.

We have one more important announcement to make: Starting today we are accepting new device maintainers.

So if you have a interest in maintaing PixelExperience for your device, read: