September Update: SafetyNet Who?

Last week Google doubled down on security and Safetynet started to fail on almost all the builds, be it any custom ROM. But we were successful in fixing that issue, which will be rolling out with the September security patch! In other news, A12 is closer than ever – but as we have said before too we can’t give out a specific timeline for A12 updates or which devices will be getting it.

Now coming back to the September series builds, we have done the following changes:-


  • September security patch
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed SafetyNet
  • Others-Misc. fixes

Again, these updates may seem small on the source side, but our maintainers are always trying to give a better experience to you the users!

We also would like to announce that we are stopping the intake of NEW maintainers until we attain stability on A12 releases.

We always try to make the user experience better with every update, if you face any issues please use our Issue Tracker to report them!

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