Attention Builder!

Applications for Android 12 maintainer for Pixel Experience are now open!
We have decided to lay down some important rules surrounding maintainer so please go through the whole thing before applying:-

  • RemovePackages is from now on prohibited without any prior approval of the administration: That’s in action due some recent events that occurred due the lacking of system partition space issues caused by the newer GApps, getting to the point that the ROM itself was back to be a normal AOSP ROM, that’s, almost completely GApp-less.
  • Hardware requirements: That’s in place now as we noticed that on Android 11 some hardware was already struggling pretty hard to run the ROM without any hickups. Things got worse on Android 12 and due to that:
  • A minimum of 3 GB of RAM per device had to be introduced. The original aim was for 4 GB minimal, but as testing advanced into the Android 12 Alpha and Beta we noticed that 3 GB still somehow enough. 2GB RAM devices are no longer going to be supported by us on Android 12.
  • The 32 GB minimal storage space follows the RAM requirements as 16GB is no longer considered a comfortable internal storage size. SD Cards are not be counted as part of it.
  • The ~3 GB dedicated system partition size serves more as a reference rather than being an actual enforcement, as retrofit dynamic and partition size modification are a thing, although not for all devices. The smallest system partition size that we could find and that fitted the entire ROM with proper optimizations for space saving without any issue was on lake (moto sdm660), with 2.8GB. Hence why the ~3 GB system size requirement reference. THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT DYNAMIC RETROFIT IS FORBIDDEN
  • The new kernel requirement doesn’t have the need to explain much, but basically every device must be on kernel 4.4 with eBPF and binder backports or newer versions (4.9+) as the new requirement for Android 12 itself from Google are in place. Basically no ROM side changes for the eBPF matter are allowed
  • And about the maybe most polemic one: Alongside the Android 11 development it was noticed that in some cases some maintainers invited other people to be co-maintainers with them, with the latter ending up being the actual maintainer while the former not contributing at all or just helping with testing (sometimes not even helping with that). For Android 12 it was agreed upon that whether a co-maintainer or maintainer are not contributing to their device development or not contributing somehow with the ROM side development, will be kicked from the project without any prior warning from the administration if no prior communication with it happens.
  • There are further more requirements listed at PixelExperience Maintainers Readme

If you feel your device passes the above requirements feel free to apply for maintainership at PixelExperience – New device Maintainer