November update: Goodbye Android 12, Android 13 Stable builds are here and... Plus Edition?

Yet another version of Android past through, yet another cycle that ends. This month is our last month of support of Android 12. With it the Android 13 Stable builds for all the supported devices and also… Wait Plus Edition?

Yep. Plus Edition builds this time around are coming earlier than usual together with the stable releases.

And if you are a builder, the applications for official status are reopened.

Below is the changelog for the Stable releases:

  • Initial Android 13 Stable release
  • Initial Android 13 Plus Edition builds
  • Official devices applications are reopened
  • Face Unlock is back
  • Updated translations

Remember: OTA updates from Android 12 to Android 13 aren’t supported, you have to install them manually.

Flashing over from the Beta to the stable builds are fine, however if you have any bugs, make a clean install.

Please contact your specific device maintainer for a device-specific changelog, but please don’t spam, all our maintainers do Custom ROM work in their free time, keep human decency in mind and don’t ask for an ETA.

Also: If you face any issues please use our Issue Tracker to report them.

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José Henrique

José Henrique

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