February Update: Slow and steady!

First of all, we apologize for the delay in releasing this update. We released the Android 13 source code last month and ever since that, we have been working on fine-tuning everything for you, the users! We understand the importance of timely updates and apologize to users who have been waiting for the latest release.

The update includes the February security patch, providing the latest fixes for potential vulnerabilities in Android. The update also includes fixes for SafetyNet and Google Pay, two essential features for many users. With these fixes, users can use these services without any issues or restrictions, providing a more seamless experience.

Additionally, the update includes updated translations, improving the experience for users who speak languages other than English. These translations ensure that Pixel Experience is accessible and easy to use for users around the world. With the latest security patches, fixes for essential features, improved translations, and stability improvements, this update offers a more secure, stable, and accessible experience for all users.

And as a reminder, some other fixes and improvements may have been done by your device maintainer, so be sure to check your device’s changelog too (if any)!

Also: If you face any issues please use our Issue Tracker to report them.

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