Nearing Autumn 2023 with PixelExperience: Interim Update and Gearing up for Android 14

As autumn approaches, this September unfolds a new chapter for PixelExperience. This month diverges slightly from our traditional trajectory but remains testament to our dedicated commitment to maintaining and enhancing your Android experience.

We also need to address the elephants in the room: the lack of Android 14 news as promised last time and the absence of the September 2023 Security Patch. Lets talk about the September Security Patch first. Normally, we’d merge the respective security patch each month. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t released a complete version for this period which means we are unable to incorporate it.

Coming to the lack of A14 news as promised last month, all we can offer, for now, are our apologies, since google threw everyone a curve ball by delaying the release of Android 14 at the last possible moment.

Given the exceptional scenario we find ourselves in with the lack of a complete security patch, this month’s updates are not obligatory for maintainers. What does this mean for you? The rollout of this month’s updates will be at the discretion of our device maintainers. Some may release updates, others may not.

Finally, an exciting tidbit for the road ahead – the anticipated arrival of Android 14! With its official release slated for next month, we are enthusiastically preparing to introduce the newest iteration of Android into our ecosystem and look forward to you guys, the users, being able to get your hands on it in the coming months.

September 2023 may diverge slightly from the norm, with its share of choices and anticipation, but it continues to pave the exciting road ahead. More enhancements and features will follow, including the thrilling incorporation of Android 14. Remember to check your device’s specific changelog for any additional fixes and improvements implemented by your device maintainer.

If you encounter any issues, please use our Issue Tracker to report them.

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