October Updates: Some A14 News

For the last few months, all you have heard from us in regards to android 14 has been: “More news soon”, and today we are glad to share our plans for release timelines. First though, lets talk about October patch.

Due to time constraints and other problems in our lives, we are preferring to spend all our resources on making android 14 available, and to achieve this, we are ending updates support for android 13. Maintainers of your devices are free to release an update, if they feel the need for it, but an update this month wont be forced.

Now, lets talk about android 14. According to our current plans, Pixel Experience 14 should release next month, that is November. We are doing our best to deliver on the quality we are known for, and we appreciate all of your patience with us through the process.

Hope to see you soon on the much awaited a14 update.