Fabulous Fourteen, and some fond farewells

Lets start with the good news: PE A14 is hitting Beta releases now! Look forward to the new releases based on the latest and, dare i say, greatest android version, Android 14 from Google. All the features you know and love from PE are all present, as well as some new A14 exclusives, like AI wallpapers and Circle to Search. PE 14 is now based on the February 2024 QPR1 AOSP release.

Now lets come to the rest of the news, coming to why PE 14 has taken so much longer than usual: jhenrique09, the founder and head of PE, decided to take a small step down from the tough and time-consuming work of updating the android source code, to focus on his job and life. He is still a very big and integral part of Team PE, but now, in a slightly smaller capacity. We hope you show him the support and kind words that he deserves for being the one who has brought PE to become the ROM we all love. Due to this, we at the core team of team PE had to have many discussions and a lot of details needed to be planned to ensure that we did justice to jhenrique's exemplary work till date. Rest assured, you are still in great hands, and the vision and goal of PixelExperience has not changed a single bit.

We at Team Pixel Experience hope you like the new (and improved) PE 14!