Attention Builder!

Applications for Android 12 maintainer for Pixel Experience are now open! We have decided to lay down some important rules surrounding maintainer so please go through the whole thing before applying:- * RemovePackages

November updates: And here is the beta

Last month we announced the release of our Android 12 based sources, yet being considered as in alpha state due to the unknown amount of bugs yet there and some major refinements that

After 3 years, an incredible feat

Hello everyone, we hope you all are doing fine. Today, October 18th, 2021, after more than 3 years since the project start, a huge milestone for the project was achieved. Nothing more, nothing

October Update:- The last ride

We hope everyone is doing well and trying out all the Android 12 GSIs floating around XDA and telegram – well for those who aren’t we are here for you! Starting from October

September Update: SafetyNet Who?

Last week Google doubled down on security and Safetynet started to fail on almost all the builds, be it any custom ROM. But we were successful in fixing that issue, which will be